Elementary and Secondary Schooling in Canada’s Federation

In Canada, like virtually all federations, the responsibility for elementary and secondary education falls to the provinces. And, through gradual devolution over the past few decades, the territories have gained greater autonomy such that now they have power over education akin to the provinces.more

Is a Federal Britain Now Inevitable?

The Smith Commission Report issued today promises a restructuring of the United Kingdom which may prove to be more significant than the devolution settlement of 1997-98 itself.more

Study: Multinationalism and Accommodation

Canada is a traditional case study of political dynamics in multinational societies. Québec nationalism is evidently the major force behind the literature…more

Newsletter: Natural resources for all Canadians

There was much to like in the April 8th 2014 speech by former prime minister Brian Mulroney in which he laid out a path to prosperity for Canada based on making the most of our natural resources. more

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«No one could appreciate more than I the advantages of the federative system. I see in it one of the most powerful combinations in favour of human prosperity and liberty.»

- Alexis de Tocqueville.