Is a Federal Britain Now Inevitable?

The Smith Commission Report issued today promises a restructuring of the United Kingdom which may prove to be more significant than the devolution settlement of 1997-98 itself.more

Study: Multinationalism and Accommodation

Canada is a traditional case study of political dynamics in multinational societies. Québec nationalism is evidently the major force behind the literature…more

Newsletter: Natural resources for all Canadians

There was much to like in the April 8th 2014 speech by former prime minister Brian Mulroney in which he laid out a path to prosperity for Canada based on making the most of our natural resources. more

Study: 19th Century Division of Powers, 21st Century Problems

2014 should be a busy year for those responsible for managing the Canadian federation. Three major intergovernmental agreements – the Canada Health Transfer (CHT), the Canada Social Transfer (CST) and equalization – are set to expire.more

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«No one could appreciate more than I the advantages of the federative system. I see in it one of the most powerful combinations in favour of human prosperity and liberty.»

- Alexis de Tocqueville.